The new cover and design of the first issue of the seventh volume of the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of the journal. From this issue onwards, the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research is published by Taylor & Francis. We expect this collaboration to contribute substantially to the potential and quality of the journal.

During the last 6 years the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research has grown to become a forum primarily for Nordic disability research. Now we would like to expand the publication by including more research from other parts of the world. As part of this expansion, new overseas colleagues have been invited to join as consulting editors. As editors in chief, we would like to encourage colleagues from all parts of the world to submit manuscripts (the new submission instructions are on the inside back cover).

The basic relational understanding of disability remains unchanged. Its defining characteristic is the focus on the relationship between people with disabilities and the environment. This relationship can, and should be, investigated from different disciplinary perspectives, and we encourage new perspectives that can illuminate this complex relationship. Thus, we understand disability research as a multi- disciplinary field, and one important objective of the journal is to facilitate the development of this field in an on-going dialogue between colleagues from a number of countries.

The link between the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research and the Nordic Network on Disability Research is still strong. The network is a guarantee of the journal's foundation in an independent research community and a channel of communication with colleagues in the Nordic countries. However, closer collaboration with researchers from all parts of the world has also been an important aim of the network during the last few years. In accordance with this, we are happy to note that the bi-annual Nordic conferences attract an increasing number of researchers from outside the Nordic countries.

We would like to thank Jan Tøssebro for his most competent editorship during the last 3 years. He has provided a firm foundation for new challenges with regard to further development of the journal.

Anders Gustavsson  Karin Barron