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Special Collection

Research Methods and Practices of Doing Disability Studies in the Global South

Collection launched: 04 Jun 2021

The majority of research in the field of disability is still in the context of the Global North (Grech and Soldatic, 2016: Grech, 2011: Katsui, 2012) - this is not an exception in the SJDR. The number of research studies and articles investigating the historical, cultural and local context of disability of different geographical locations is growing, enabled by an increasing number of authors and researchers from the Global South. At the same time, much of this work remains embedded in established theories developed in the Global North. However, indigenous paradigms on disability are emerging and are visible. To develop this further we need greater critical reflection on methodology when doing disability studies in the Global South.

This special section of SJDR aims to advance knowledge and to trigger critical discussion on how to develop research methods and practices in contexts outside the Global North. We are interested in considering the following questions (amongst others) for research on disability in the Global South:

  • • What may be distinctive about the knowledge production process?
  • • What are the levels of epistemic freedom that exist for scholars and persons with disabilities?
  • • Is there a genuine possibility for advancing our knowledge on disability?